Leaked Emails Show Monsanto’s Anger At Mothers Calling For Roundup To Be Taken Off Market

By Arjun Walia, Collective-evolution.com -

How is it that Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide is still on North American shelves being sold in a number of places? The answer is simple, I believe it’s deceit and corruption. Corporations like [...]

Keystone Leaks 383,000 Gallons In North Dakota On The Same Day As Trump State Department’s Pipeline Hearing

By Marlee Kokotovic, Nationofchange.org -

The Keystone pipeline, that carries tar sands oil from Canada through seven states, leaked more than 383,000 gallons of oil according to North Dakota regulators. The company has promised the [...]

This London Firm Helps The Wealthy Hide Assets – Or Steal Them. Luckily We Have 15 Years Of Their Client Communications.

By Barrett Brown, Counterpunch.org -

It is my cheerful duty to announce the acquisition of around 85 gigabytes of leaked emails, phone calls, faxes, and other documents originating from the London-based tax shelter firm Formations [...]

Crude Oil Leaks Into Floodwaters After Train Derails In Iowa

By Staff, Apnews.com -

DOON, Iowa (AP) — A freight train derailed in northwest Iowa on Friday, leaking crude oil from into flooded fields flanking the tracks and raising concerns about the possible contamination of [...]

For 15 Years, Energy Transfer Partners Pipelines Leaked An Average Of Once Every 11 Days

By Sharon Kelly, Desmogblog.com -

5,475 days, 527 pipeline spills: that's the math presented in a new report from environmental groups Greenpeace USA and the Waterkeeper Alliance examining pipelines involving Dakota [...]

Bad Track Record Gets Worse As New Whistleblower Outed By The Intercept

By Whitney Webb, Mintpressnews.com -

MINNEAPOLIS – On Wednesday, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reported that former Minneapolis-based FBI agent Terry James Albury had been charged with leaking classified government information to the [...]

What You Didn’t Know About West Virginia Strike + FBI Geeks & Methane Leaks

By Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.com -

This week on Act Out! Fracking, fires and methane leaks oh my. The geeks are watching you and here's a solution to student debt. Finally, the strike in West Virginia may be over but the fight [...]

Far More Methane Leaking At Oil, Gas Sites In Pennsylvania Than Reported

By Neela Banerjee, Insideclimatenews.org -

Leaks of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, from oil and gas sites in Pennsylvania could be five times greater than industry reports to state regulators, according to a new analysis by the [...]

Leaked PowerPoint Reveals Gas Industry’s Playbook

By Alexander C. Kaufman, huffingtonpost.com -

By Alexander C. Kaufman for The Huffington Post - One of the natural gas industry’s top trade associations launched a front group earlier this year to defend new East Coast pipeline proposals [...]

Tweets, Leaks, Classified Information, And The Right To Know

By William Boardman, www.readersupportednews.org -

By William Boardman for Reader Supported News - This bit of political circus hooha was briefly all over the news early in the week, with almost no news outlet getting it right: that the issue of [...]

Trump Administration In Crisis Targets Leaks, Threatens Media Freedom

By Kevin Gosztola, www.shadowproof.com -

By Kevin Gosztola for Shadowproof. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an aggressive supporter of anti-leaks policies, indicated the insider threat task force within the government would refine [...]

Leaked NSA Report Short On Facts, Proves Little In ‘Russiagate’ Case

By Scott Ritter, www.truthdig.com -

By Scott Ritter for Truth Dig - By all accounts, Reality Leigh Winner is an intelligent, committed professional who served for six years in the U.S. Air Force as a Farsi and Pashto linguist, [...]

NSA-Leaking Shadow Brokers Just Dumped Its Most Damaging Release Yet

By Dan Goodin, www.arstechnica.com -

By Dan Goodin for ARS Technica - None of the exploits reported below are, in fact, zerodays that work against supported Microsoft products. Readers should read this update for further details. [...]

Flynn Resignation Shows Leaks Under Trump Are Working. Keep ‘Em Coming

By Trevor Timm, wwwcjr.org -

By Trevor Timm for CJR - LEAKS ARE COMING OUT of the White House at a seemingly record pace, many of which have painted a picture of a dangerously ignorant and ill-equipped president who is [...]

Confirmation Hearing; Sessions Opposes Protections For Reporters Publishing Leaks

By Kevin Gsoztola, www.shadowproof.com -

By Kevin Gsoztola for Shadow Proof - Republican Senator Jeff Sessions opposed protections for reporters, who have viewpoints and publish contents from national security leaks, during his [...]

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