Artists, Activists Demand Concert Venues Drop Amazon’s Palm-Scanning Tech

By Jon Fingas, Engadget. -

Concert operators may like Amazon's palm recognition system, but some performers and activists are less than thrilled. A group of 200 artists and 30 rights groups has penned an open [...]

Why More Celebrities Don’t Speak Out On Israel-Palestine

By Lowkey, Mintpress News. -

The new MintPress podcast “The Watchdog,” hosted by British-Iraqi hip-hop artist Lowkey, closely examines organizations about which it is in the public interest to know — including intelligence, [...]

Protesting Settler Colonialism In The Neoliberal University

By Iman Ganji, ROAR Magazine. -

During May’s uprising in Palestine against the latest aggression of the apartheid Israeli state, a few students at the Piet Zwart Institute (PZI) in Rotterdam wanted to express their solidarity [...]

Arts And Activism In Pandemic Times; Eleanor Goldfield On Her New EP

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

This week, Clearing the FOG speaks with artist and activist Eleanor Goldfield about her new EP, "No Solo." This is her first solo production and it is her most personal and political piece. [...]

‘Suffocated’: Art Becomes Form Of Protest Against Olympics

By AP, Indian Express. -

Miwako Sakauchi stands in her studio and brushes spinning swirls on torn cardboard and drawing paper, using the five colors designated as symbols of the modern Olympiad. Titled ‘Vortex’, her [...]

Over 16,000 Artists Sign Letter In Solidarity With Palestine

By Michael Arria, Mondoweiss. -

Over 16,000 artists have signed their names in support of a letter that condemns Israel’s recent attack on Gaza and denounces the country’s apartheid system. The letter also calls on other [...]

The Boston Ujima Project Is Working To Create Economic Equity For Artists

By Nicole Rupersburg, -

The Boston Ujima Project is a community-led organization with a mission of growing a people’s economy in Greater Boston, one that is controlled by the community with neighbors, workers, business [...]

Trombones On The Picket Line: Lyric Opera Orchestra On Strike For The First Time In 50 Years

By Amelia Diehl, -

On Tuesday, the music stopped for the Lyric Opera of Chicago just as the company began its 64th season. Orchestra members walked out on strike over a new proposed contract that would cut pay, [...]

Philadelphians To Philly Orchestra: Cancel Your Trip To Israel

By Philly Don't Orchestrate Apartheid. -

Over 100  musicians, artists, scholars, union members and activists, as well as 33 social justice organizations, have called on the Philadelphia Orchestra to cancel its planned June tour in [...]

Speaking Mirth To Power

By Lorna Garano, -

By Lorna Garano for Truthout. L.M. Bogad's artful activism blends the strategies of civil disobedience with heaping doses of Harpo Marx. As a professor and "tactical performer, Bogad says he is [...]

The Great Forgetting

Chris Hedges, -

Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - America’s refusal to fund and sustain its intellectual and cultural heritage means it has lost touch with its past, obliterated its understanding of the present, [...]

New Anthems Of Resistance: Hip-Hop & Black Lives Matter

By Alexander Billet, -

By Alexander Billet of In These Times. It’s been a year since the death of Michael Brown, a year since the rebellion in Ferguson, a year since the Black Lives Matter movement began to shift the [...]

The Ballad Of The Stolen Fiddle

By John Kelly, -

By John Kelly in The Washington Post - Don’t call the musical instrument that was stolen last week from Jimmy Betts’s car a “violin.” It’s a fiddle. “Fiddles are meant to be out and about in [...]

4 Ways To Hit High Notes Of Resistance

By Nadine Bloch, -

Every now and then there is an action that hits all the right notes — the message is clear, the messengers are appropriate, the setting and tone are impeccable, and the ripples carry on far into [...]

Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday: Creating A Nonviolent World

By Robert J. Burrowes, -

As we celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on October 2nd, the International Day of Nonviolence, we have the chance to reflect on our progress in creating a nonviolent world. Obviously, creating a [...]