Huge Military Budgets Make Us Broke, Not Safe

By Miriam Pemberton, -

We’re all tense. Hearing about our fellow citizens in Hawaii scrambling around, looking for a place to hide from a nuclear bomb, will do that to you. So will contests between two unstable world [...]

How American Cities Can Help Close National Trust Deficit

By Katya Abazajian, -

In a world where fake news has become an international preoccupation, an increasing number of American cities are committing to make data-driven governance a core part of their culture. It’s an [...]

Seattle Municipal Bank–A Future For US All

By Matt Remle and Nikkita Oliver, -

It was in early August 2016, as bulldozers desecrated grave sites and sacred lands along the Cannonball River on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.  As private security unleashed attack dogs on [...]

The Real Causes Of Deficits And The US Debt

By Jack Rasmus, -

By Jack Rasmus for Tele Sur - Nonsense like social security and Medicare will be insolvent by 2030. When in fact social security has created a multi-trillion dollar surplus since 1986, which the [...]

The History Of Putting A Price On Everything

By Adam Gaffney, -

By Adam Gaffney for New Republic - In 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control, some 33,091 people died as a result of an opioid overdose. The final 2016 figure, there is little doubt, [...]

Defense Department: War On Terror Costs $250 Million A Day For 16 Years

By Jay Cassano, -

By Jay Cassano for International Bussiness Times - American taxpayers have spent $1.46 trillion on wars abroad since September 11, 2001. The Department of Defense periodically releases a “cost of [...]

Imagining A New Democracy With Participatory Budgeting

By Maria Hadden, -

By Maria Hadden for New America - In 2007, I thought the City of Chicago and I had a pretty good relationship. In 2008, I woke up from the little bit of the “American Dream” I thought I could [...]

Big Tax Cuts Will Lead To Big Federal Budget Cuts

By Sharon Parrott, -

By Sharon Parrott for CBPP - Many Republican policymakers are already talking about using the same fast-track process (“budget reconciliation”) next year to push large cuts in entitlement [...]

Funding Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes Or Inflation

By Ellen Brown, -

By Ellen Brown for Web of Debt Blog - In May 2017, a team of researchers at the University of Oxford published the results of a survey of the world’s best artificial intelligence experts, who [...]

Amtrak’s $630m Trump Budget Cut Could Derail Service In 220 US Cities

By Tom Dart, -

By Tom Dart for The Guardian - The routes have names that evoke glorious Americana and the frontier spirit: the Empire Builder, the Silver Meteor, the Sunset Limited, the Texas Eagle, the Coast [...]

The Trillion Dollar Budget For War

By William D. Hartung, -

By William D. Hartung for Tom Dispatch - You wouldn’t know it, based on the endless cries for more money coming from the military, politicians, and the president, but these are the best of times [...]

Building A Mass Movement To Stop Mass Killing

By Medea Benjamin, -

By Medea Benjamin for AlterNet - The $600 billion annual cost of the US military budget eats up 54% of all federal discretionary funds. It’s no wonder we don’t have money to address the crisis of [...]

1,500 Groups Urge Budget That Invests Health, Jobs & Future

By Staff, -

By Staff of CHN - As Congress begins its work on the FY 2018 budget, we are writing to urge you to ensure that funding is adequate to meet the needs of all people and communities. The undersigned [...]

Reimagining Safety & Security In Our Communities

By Staff, -

By Staff of Law for Black Lives - Over the last 30 years, at both the national and local levels, governments have dramatically increased their spending on criminalization, policing, and mass [...]

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