Trumpism: Anger Going Viral

By Padraig Reidy, -

By Padraig Reidy for Bill Moyers Journal. It is difficult to argue against people who are sincere but not necessarily serious, and whose aims seem to lie entirely in the gesture — the great big [...]

Arrests In London As Thousands Protest Austerity

By Douglas Carswell, -

Thousands of anti-Tory protesters have taken to the streets to show their fury withthe most right-wing Queen's Speech in a generation. At least five were arrested as pockets of trouble flared [...]

1000s Expected At Anti-Tory Protests As Queen Opens Parliament

By Damien Gayle, -

Thousands of people are expected to join anti-government demonstrations during the state opening of parliament on Wednesday, just over a fortnight after an anti-Tory protest in Whitehall led to [...]

Students Occupy For 2nd Night To Protest Austerity

By Richard Wheatstone , Helen Johnson, -

Around 30 students are set to spend a second evening barricaded inside a building at the University of Manchester in protest at government cuts. The protesters are refusing to leave after [...]

Corporate ‘Exorcism’ Held Outside London Law Firm

By RT, -

A group of radical performance activists who hail from New York staged an “exorcism” of corporate power outside an international law firm in London to raise awareness about the dangers of an [...]

Bank Occupied In Liverpool, Turned Into Homeless Shelter

By Squat! Net, -

We make this document a Statement of Intent regarding the old Bank of England building on Castle Street, Liverpool. The intentions are as follows to feed, cloth and help all those who seek it and [...]

LSE Students Stage Occupation In Protest At ‘Profit-Driven Education’

By Nadia Khomami, -

Students at the London School of Economics have occupied a central administration room at the university in protest at what they call the marketisation of higher education. The group of about [...]

Oxford Alumni Occupation For Carbon Divestment

By Oxford University Fossil Fuel Divestment, -

Oxford alumni have occupied a university administration building to demonstrate their anger over today’s announcement that the university has deferred until May its decision on whether to divest [...]

Anti-Austerity Protesters Occupy Liverpool Cathedral

By Olivia Rudgard, -

A group of “concerned citizens” occupied Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral to protest about wealth inequality and benefit cuts. The group of around 20, including some children, protested near the [...]

Swedish Prosecutor Rejects Questioning Assange In London

By David Crouch, -

Backtacking from an earlier suggestion described by the Guardian below, the Swedish prosecutor has once again rejected questioning Assange in London. Telesur reports: "Sweden’s chief prosecutor [...]

Tens Of Thousands Take Streets In Pay Protest

By Chris Johnston, -

Tens of thousands of union members have marched through central London to highlight their calls for pay rises. Members of Unite, Unison, the National Union of Teachers, the Communication [...]

Protesters Stage ‘Occupy’ Protest By British Parliament

By AFP, -

London (AFP) - Some 200 anti-government campaigners rallied in front of the British parliament on Friday, saying that they were planning to set up an "Occupy Democracy" camp without official [...]