It Is Not Just Venezuela. Nicaragua Is Also An Objective Of Imperialism

By Ramon Pedregal Casanova, -

The violence began with a revolt in April 2018 and at the end, the gangs supported by the gringos had left hundreds of dead and wounded, destruction of public and private goods, and demolished [...]

Mistrial Is Another Blow To US Coup In Venezuela; Our Work Continues

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Last week, we along with Adrienne Pine and David Paul were unsuccessfully prosecuted by the Trump administration for our protection of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC from April 10 to [...]

Mistrial Declared In Kafkaesque D.C. Trial Of Venezuela Embassy Protectors

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

The word “Kafkaesque” is thrown around liberally in the modern era, often without warrant. “The Trial,” a 1925 novel written by Bohemian writer Franz Kafka, tells the story of Josef K., a man [...]

Mistrial In Trump Biased Prosecution Against Venezuelan Embassy Protectors Is Win For Sovereignty

By Leonardo Flores, Grayzone Project -

A hung jury in the Donald Trump administration’s case against activists who were arrested protecting Venezuela’s internationally recognized embassy in Washington, DC is being heralded as a major [...]

Guaido Is Back In Venezuela, Now What?

By Marco Teruggi, Sputnik Mundo, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

Opposition leader Juan Guaido is back in Venezuela after a three-week international tour that took him to Colombia, Europe and the United States. His return was without force and without any [...]

Venezuela Accuses US Of Crimes Against Humanity At The International Criminal Court

By Staff, -

During his meeting with the Court, Arreaza exposed the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the U.S. government in its failed attempt to overthrow Venezuela's President Nicolas [...]

Embassy Protectors Will Not Be Able To Tell Jury Guaido Is Not President, Or Mention International Law

By Ajamu Baraka and Bahman Azad, -

On February 4, Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell issued a ruling on what the jurors will be allowed to be told in the trial of the Embassy Protectors scheduled to begin on February 11. She granted most [...]

Trump Pushes Forward With Regime Change Strategy In Venezuela

By Travis Waldron, -

The Trump administration said Wednesday that the United States will soon bolster its year-long campaign to topple socialist Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro with even harsher measures against a [...]

Embassy Protection Collective: ‘We Are Not The Ones Who Violated The Law’

By Paul Dobson, -

Four Embassy Protector Collective members are being prosecuted in Washington DC’s federal court for “interfering with the protective functions of the US Department of State.” The Trump [...]

Venezuela, January 2020: Hardship And Resistance

By Peter Lackowski, -

This January I went to Venezuela with a group of North Americans to see for ourselves how economic “sanctions” are affecting people’s access to food. We wondered how the Venezuelan popular [...]

Fighting For Venezuela Is Fighting For The independence Of Our America

By Jorge Pérez Cruz, -

Venezuela, stoically resisting imperialist attacks on its people, welcomes the World Anti-imperialist Encounter: For Life, Sovereignty and Peace, to define strategies for the development and [...]

Ajamu Baraka On The US War On Iran And Venezuela

By Alan Benjamin, Socialist Organizer. -

Across the country, people came out to say “NO U.S. War on Iran!” — including NO to the U.S. sanctions against Iran that are killing Iranian women and children daily — and to demand that the U.S. [...]

Defense Team Challenged Trump Prosecutors’ Attempts To Fix Outcome Of Trial

By Ajamu Baraka and Bahman Azad, Embassy Protectors Defense Committee. -

A pretrial hearing of the four Embassy Protectors facing federal prosecution took place before Judge Beryl A. Howell on January 29 in Washington, DC. The hearing, which was to define the [...]

Venezuelan Assembly to Investigate US Funding to Guaido

By Staff, -

The president of the National Assembly, Luis Parra, announced the creation of a commission to investigate the financing of USAID to the right-wing opposition sectors led by Juan Guaido. The [...]

Venezuela-Iran Will Sign New Agreements For Medicine, Production, Food, Energy and Health

By Staff, -

The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, announced that the IX Venezuela-Iran Joint Commission will be held in the first half of this year, in order to sign [...]