Pelosi: “I Don’t See Anything Inappropriate” In Rigging Primaries

By Caitlin Johnstone, -

The Intercept has published a secretly taped audio recording of one of the most powerful Democrats in America pressuring a progressive candidate to drop out of a Colorado congressional primary [...]

NYT: Don’t Be Progressive, Be A ‘Liberal’

By Jim Naureckas, -

Its ostensible subject is why Democrats should call themselves “liberals” and not “progressives.” But in making that case, it hits most of the main points of the New York Times‘ ideology—one that [...]

How Vermont Changed From Red To Blue

By Steve Early, -

Donald Trump’s fear mongering about Mexicans and Muslims, Haitians and Africans, and other foreigners is hardly sui generis in U.S. history. In the mid- 19th century, nativists on our east coast [...]

Electing Progressive Prosecutors Isn’t Enough. Now, Activists Are Holding Them Accountable.

By Adeshina Emanuel, -

In October 2015, Rev. Charles Straight, pastor of the Faith United Methodist Church in Dolton, Illinois, and other members of the People’s Lobby sat down with Kim Foxx to find out whether she was [...]

The Two-Party System Is Facing Its Biggest Challenge In 70 Years

By Theo Anderson, -

We are in a moment of nervous, semi-panicked reflection about the health and prospects of the American political system. Take The Atlantic’s March essay, “America Is Not a Democracy.” It begins [...]

Liberal Ire At Trump And Cambridge Analytica Is Misdirected From Billionaires Who Own Your Data

By Bruce A. Dixon, -

Liberals this week want to drum us into outrageous fury over the fact that Facebook, with almost 2 billion accounts worldwide, handed over user data of millions of people to Cambridge Analytica, [...]

Getting From Profits For A Few To Health Care For All

By Scott Tucker, -

Democracy is a more radical idea than socialism. That has been noted by a fair number of democratic socialists, including one of the steady campaigners on the left wing of the British Labor [...]

National Consensus For Progressive Transformational Change Grows

By Jim Naureckas, -

The Pew Research Center (3/1/18) recently released a survey on political attitudes by generation. “America is politically sorted by generations in a way it never has before,” was the takeaway [...]

Exposing The Whitewashed ‘Fable’ Of The Civil Rights Movement

By Randall Kennedy, -

“A More Beautiful and Terrible History” is a critique of what its author derides as the ascendant fable of the civil rights movement—the black protests that challenged the racial status quo [...]

Liberal Totalitarianism And The Trump Diversion

By Ajamu Baraka, -

The ongoing political circus in the capital of the world’s most powerful empire opens almost daily  with a new act each day showcasing an even more bizarre and more revealing display of the [...]

Understanding Coates-West Conflict Clarifies Many Issues

By Robin D. G. Kelley, -

When the emails started coming in, I ignored them. By day’s end, my voicemail and email inboxes were filling up with links to the Guardian, followed by links to Facebook pages and blogposts [...]

Behind The Mask Of The ‘Moderates’

By Chris Hedges, -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - TORONTO—Pity Canada. Its citizens watch the stages of U.S. decline and then, a few years later, inflict on themselves the same cruelties. It is as if the snuffing [...]

How Faith In Civilized Debate Is Fueling White Supremacy

By Matthew Pratt Guterl, -

By Matthew Pratt Guterl for Quartz - The fall semester has kicked off and the annual tide of speakers now washes over our communities. Not surprisingly, colleges and universities are revisiting [...]

Not A Liberal: Can A Black Mayor Bring Change To Mississippi?

By Jamiles Lartey, -

By Jamiles Lartey for The Guardian - 34-year-old attorney Chokwe Lumumba sees his election win as proof that even in a red state in the age of Trump, many people are ready to be progressive. The [...]

Liberalism, Ultraleftism Or Mass Action

By Peter Camejo, -

By Peter Camejo for The Militant - The purpose of this meeting is to have a discussion about the present political conjuncture in this country following the May events, how we have to relate to [...]

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