Mumia Abu-Jamal Fights For New Trial And Freedom

By Jeff Mackler, -

By Jeff Mackler for Counter Punch. Pennsylvania - On Mumia Abu-Jamal’s birthday, April 24, about 125 demonstrators mobilized outside Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas in solidarity with [...]

Chelsea Manning Set To Be Released On May 17, 2017

By Chelsea Manning, -

By Chelsea Manning for the Guardian. When the prison tried to break one of us, we all stood up. We looked out for each other. When they tried to divide us, and systematically discriminated [...]

Building A Trump-Free, Fossil-Free Future

By Jeremy Brecher, -

By Jeremy Brecher for Waging Nonviolence. As the thousands of foot-weary protesters leave the April 29 Peoples Climate March in Washington, D.C. — and its scores of sister marches around the [...]

Enviro Groups Stage Massive People’s Climate March On Washington

By John Zangas, -

By John Zangas of DC Media Group. Washington, DC - Hundreds of grassroots environmental groups from around the country rallied Saturday at the U.S. Capitol in a mass march against administration [...]

Judge Grants Sunoco Authority To Arrest Landowners

By Susan Phillios, -

By Susan Phillios for State Impact-NPR. Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania residents protesting the construction of Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipeline across their land now face arrest on their own [...]

Brazil Paralyzed By Nationwide Strike Against Corruption & Impunity

By Glenn Greenwald, -

By Glenn Greenwald for the Intercept. It’s almost impossible to imagine a presidency imploding more completely and rapidly than the unelected one imposed by elites on the Brazilian population in [...]

First Hundred Days Of Human Rights Violations

By Amie Stepanovich, -

By Amie Stepanovich for Access Now. In the final years of the Obama Administration, we frequently took issue with the negative impact the administration’s actions were having on our human rights, [...]

US Role In Creating North Korean Fortress State

By Robert J. Barsocchini, -

By Robert J. Barsocchini for Counter Currents. it is an American “myth” that the “North Korean Army suddenly attacked without warning, overwhelming surprised ROK defenders.” In fact, the [...]

Omnia Sunt Communia: May Day 2017

By Peter Linebaugh, -

By Peter Linebaugh for Counterpunch. The constitution of the U.S.A. began when an assembly of rich white bankers, lawyers, and slave owners gathered behind closed doors in Philadelphia in 1787. [...]

US & South Korea Force THAAD Through Protesters

By Staff, -

By Staff for Zoom in Korea. The residents of Seongju and Gimcheon were caught off guard when the United States Forces Korea and the South Korean Defense Ministry forced key parts of the Terminal [...]

Newsletter: The State Of The Union And Movement

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. The United States is a failing empire: the domestic economy has fallen to a level equivalent to a developing nation for most of us while the stock markets, [...]

Barrett Brown Taken Back Into Custody Before PBS Interview

By Alex Emmons, -

By Alex Emmons for The Intercept. Texas - Award-winning journalist Barrett Brown was re-arrested and taken into custody Thursday, the day before he was scheduled to be interviewed for a PBS [...]

Pipeline Protest Serves Half Ton Of Sweet Potatoes

By Anne Meador, -

By Anne Meador of DC Media Group. What could be better for breakfast than sweet potato pie? Employees of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission got a free piece of sweet potato pie on their [...]

‘Red Line’ For Mother Earth Drawn At US Capitol

By Lauren McCauley, -

By Lauren McCauley for Common Dreams. Representing the communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis, activists are forming a "red line" in front of the U.S. Capitol building on Friday, [...]

Call For Global Unity On May Day

By James E. Rabbitt, III, -

By James E. Rabbitt, III. This May Day (Monday, May 1, 2017), workers worldwide are invited to participate in an unprecedented call for global unity demanding that all full-time workers are paid [...]