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Here Is His Warmongering Record.

Following a shooting at a rally in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump’s supporters have portrayed him as a so-called “threat to the US deep state”. But in reality, Trump was a warmonger as president, and appointed top CIA officials and neoconservatives to run his foreign policy.

Ben Norton reviews Trump’s support for Israel and Ukraine and his aggressive policies against China, Russia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

Timecode of the topics discussed

0:00 (Clips) Trump on Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine
0:32 US politics & bipartisan war crimes
3:29 Alleged assassination attempt against Trump
7:13 Trump’s warmongering foreign policy: a summary
11:35 Israel – Palestine
16:56 Trump proposed bombing Russia & China
17:27 Russiagate
18:01 Trump tore up 2 arms treaties with Russia
18:55 Ukraine
20:33 (Clip) Trump boasts of arming Ukraine
20:56 Trump vs Obama on Ukraine weapons
23:02 NATO
24:24 “We’re at war with China”
26:24 Trade war & new cold war on China
28:44 Democrats vs Republicans on Russia & China
29:48 Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA)
30:44 Assassination of Qasem Soleimani
31:20 Trump’s war on Iraq
32:48 US hypocrisy on “political violence”
34:31 Syria
35:00 (Clip) Trump brags of taking Syria’s oil
35:27 Afghanistan war & minerals
37:06 Trump wanted to take oil from Libya & Iraq too
38:15 Yemen
39:24 Trump plans to attack Mexico
41:06 Bolivia coup
41:54 Elon Musk & Bolivia’s lithium
43:24 Venezuela
44:06 (Clip) Trump on “taking over” Venezuela
44:18 Venezuela coup attempt
46:00 Nicaragua coup attempt
46:37 Elliott Abrams
47:53 Cuba blockade & sanctions
50:09 Tax cuts for the rich
51:54 Billionaires for fellow billionaire Trump
53:16 Outro

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